The Heavenly Sounds of Teresa Crevier

Dr. Bert Crevier was listening to his sister Teresa's music when the Lord took him to Heaven, where he heard Teresa's music in the Throne Room.
the Lord has anointed Teresa's music with healing frequencies, she received a healing from brain cancer by playing and listening to her own music.

Her original compositions are great for soaking, or as for gift to someone in need of healing, as you listen you will hear the gift from from Heaven.

To listen to and purchase Teresa's Music click the link

 Angel of the Lord expressing the Glory of the God ,photo taken by Penny Crevier,

Eternity:  The Throne I & II  

Bones & Rib / Sternum, Collar Bone   (healing frequency for this CD)              

This CD was my first recording. While my brother Bert was listening to this music, he went through the curtain of time and had a throne room experience multiple times. We then realized that the music opens a door to take people to the throne. It opens a door, the curtain of time. That is what Bert experienced. So the music has an anointing on it that will open that door, all you have to do is step in---Come Up! - Jesus said. One of the testimonies of someone's reaction to the frequency on this CD was that the music positively affects the bottom rib on the right hand side. A rib was taken out of the side of Adam to create Eve (his bride), maybe that's what the Lord is saying by affecting that rib? Asking his bride to come... This is Throne Room music. 

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